Beacn - Sports activity GPS App for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch!


Why another sports tracking app?

  1. Simplicity - Unlike most apps out there, Beacn is simple and focused. No more densly packed features that just get in the way.
  2. No account required - Beacn will not ask you to create an account. Everything you need is in your phone.
  3. Reliability - One of the primary goals in building Beacn is so that it doesn't crash.
  4. Privacy - Your iPhone holds all the data, not a server. While it's possible to share your activities and make them public on social networks, it was designed to keep them private first. Privacy Policy
  5. Security - Need to do live tracking, but only visible to your spouse? Riding alone or at 6 am on a winter day makes your friends and family worry? What about an app that sends a warning via SMS if something unusual happens? - Read more about the incident detector
  6. Size - The Beacn app is around 30 times smaller than most sports activity apps out there. This means it will use less memory and resources that become available to other apps such as music players or photo apps

Why is it called Beacn?

From the old English bēacn 'sign, portent, ensign', of west germanic origin.

A fire or light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning or signal, a beacon!

What activities does it track?

It was primarily designed and tested for mountain biking, but jogging or walking are also supported

What does it track exactly?

From the moment you press Start, the application begins recording your position as it changes (including timestamp, altitude and velocity), the running time, the total distance and if available: heart rate data.

At the end of each activity you can review and add notes or simply discard it.

Along with map plotting, there's a line chart as well, indicating altitude, speed and heart rate. You can access this information by rotating the iPhone to landscape when viewing an activity.

Where is the data stored?

All the data is locally stored on your iPhone. Privacy is part of the design.

Can I have access to my data?

Yes. A feature is provided in the details page of every activity to export as GPX file.

What about calories?

Calories are calculated based on information you provide (weight, gender and age), as well as duration and the average heart rate. It should be considered as a rough estimate on the number of calories burned. Intensity and other aspects such as body fat are not considered.

Is the Apple Watch supported?

Yes! Now you can control your activities from the Watch. Start, stop and keep track of your progress just by looking at your Watch app. Beacn becomes even easier to use! We recomend you to enable the last used app when you raise your Watch for easy access.

Which Heart Rate Monitors are supported?

Bluetooth Latitude HRM V1 and TomTom Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors

No special configuration needed when using the app except making sure the iPhone has Bluetooth turned on

If correctly connected, Beacn will issue a voice notification: "Heart Rate Monitor Ready!" and the heart rate is displayed on top, as shown bellow

Your current heart rate is included in the voice feedback information, along with the time and distance

You can get a voice warning if your heart rate goes over a certain limit, defined by you in the settings screen

If you don't own a bluetooth heart rate monitor, there's always the option to manually enter the average and maximum heart rate at the end of each activity, allowing you to continue using other monitors or sports computers.

Which Cadence Sensors are supported?

Currently, only TomTom Bluetooth Cadence sensors are supported.

What's with Game Center?

Game Center is optional and acts as another motivation source where you can post your activity duration and distance and challenge your friends!

To enable Game Center, just tap the Leaderboard option from the main menu.

Can I log my activities to Fitbit?

Yes! All you have to do is authorize the app to publish this information to your Fitbit profile.

Can I log my activities to UP by JAWBONE™?

Yes! All you have to do is authorize Beacn by enabling the UP by JAWBONE option in settings.

Can I log my activities to Apple Health?

Yes! Just enable the option in settings. Notice: You must have a Health ID configured for this feature.

Health App, Fitbit and JAWBONE publishing is done automatically at the end of each activity.

What is Live Tracking?

Live Tracking is optional and shows your last known location along with timestamp on the Beacn website. This information is sent via HTTPS and only your position is stored on the server.

Anyone who knows the username / password combination can access your last known location.

If needed, an option to make the page publicly accessible is included.

You can use this feature to let a close friend or a spouse know your location, for example, in case you go exercise alone.

Anyone accessing your live tracking page can send you a message, that Beacn will read to you. NOTE: Depending on the update interval, the message can take up to a minute to get delivered.

What's the Live Tracking URL?

You can share where USERNAME is the one registered within the app.

In the app settings you can easily share your URL with friends via Messages or Mail.

This is what it looks like to watch a live tracking activity: The position can be refreshed every 30 seconds.

You can also send messages from the web live tracking page that will be delivered by the speech synthesizer.

What languages are supported?

French, German, Portuguese and Spanish are supported as well as English. Voice feedback is also available for the native language.

Privacy Policy

All the data is locally stored on your device by default. Every feature that causes data to be sent is optional and its uses are described here:

All the above is optional and not enabled by default.

Accident Detection

Beacn has the hability do detect an unusual stop in your activity and send your current location by SMS. Service highlights:

You may also want to check iOS's ability to share you location with Friends and Family. Beacn doesn't replace this feature but tries to augment it by trying to decide if something unusual is worth reporting at it happens. In the unlikely event of falling or requiring assistance because of a sudden medical hillness, response time is crutial.

If possible, always exercise in the company of others and avoid dangerous situations.

As with the rest of the app, this feature has been tested in the field:

Where to get it?

Beacn and its tools do not provide medical advice and do not replace the advice of a medical professional.
Fitbit is a registered trademark and service mark of Fitbit, Inc. Bikcon is designed for use with the Fitbit platform. This product is not put out by Fitbit, and Fitbit does not service or warrant the functionality of this product.