About Cruise Nav

Cruise Nav

Developed by Emídio Cunha, 2016

Version 1.0

Are you on a cruise ship, wondering where exactly you are, your speed, distance to your destination, and how many hours you still have to get there, this app will help you!

Cruise Nav uses GPS signals even in Airplane Mode to display your position, estimated distance, and time to your destination.

GPS reception from within a cruise ship can sometimes be poor. Best results are near windows, or in outside decks. What this means is that you might not get any signal at all, and the app might not work as expected every time.

Map detail will not be available at every zoom level if you don't have a working Internet connection - you should use the app before, while still connected, in order to cache map information.

You can add your own destinations by long pressing the map on the location you want.


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